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When a person is wearing a traditional tuxedo, it is a great idea to wear a traditional pair of tuxedo shoes. Time honored and with its place in history, the rounded toe tuxedo shoe is the champion of all formal footwear. Keep in mind, we did say "history". Things are changing and the round toe is taking seat as square toe tuxedo shoes move to the front of the pack and create a new generation of tradition.

The traditional shoe is still the rounded toe, it's slowly being phased down (not out) to make room for the square toes. With that said, we will be covering two traditional styles. The historical tradition and the new tradition.

Rounded Toe - Historically Traditional
Rounded toe tuxedo shoes are black, patent leather tuxedo shoes that feature three quarter to one full inch heel. The toe of the shoe is designed to wrap around the front of the wearer's toes to achieve a minimalist styling. The general styling is used to achieve the look of a custom pair of tuxedo shoe, achieved only by attempting to follow the natural flow of a persons foot.

Typically you'll find that most rounded toe tuxedo shoes are black. You can also purchase them in white, ivory and gray / grey. Do note that tuxedo shoes that are not black, are usually made of a faux patent material. Black is available in both patent leather and faux patent. You'll also find multi colored (black and white) tuxedo shoes.

The downfall of the rounded toe is that not everyone has the same angles on the front of their feet. This means that if your foot has more width in the front, your likely to be squeezing your toes into the front of the shoe. The bridge height on a typical rounded toe tux shoe is also limiting, again because of the form fitting design. As well, the average human foot is getting statistically larger and wider. The design of the shoe can not accommodate such a range in foot sizes. Though these are downfalls of the shoe, there are still millions of people that can enjoy the form fitting style of these shoes. They are still in style and they still look great with any tuxedo. They are also available in black, white, ivory and gray.

Square Toe - New Traditions
With typical shoe sizes rising in size every so often, the footwear industry accommodated the changes. Thus a new formal tuxedo shoe was born. Introducing the rounded square toe and the square toe tuxedo shoes. Though both styles of shoes have been around for some time, they are fairly new to formal wear in such a popular way

Square toe tuxedo shoes are made with comfort in mind. They feature a squared toe which means that there is enough room for your toes even if your had five big toes. The room that a square toe shoe allows is similar to a basic sneaker. The end result is a comfortable, formal and handsomely styled shoe.

The basics of square toe tuxedo shoes are the same as rounded toed shoes. They heels range from three quarters of an inch to one full inch. They are available in black, white, ivory and grey / gray. Black square toe tuxedo shoes are available in both patent leather and faux patent, while all other colors are available in faux patent. Because of the larger surface size of the square toe styled shoes, there are many more options. You'll find patterned, multi colored and multi textured tuxedo shoes on the long list of available options.

The Choice
If you want to make your entrance with historical tradition, your best bet will be the rounded toe tuxedo shoes. If you want the formal look of today, get yourself a pair of square toe or rounded square toe tuxedo shoes.


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