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Here's a complete selection of tuxedo shoes that will look great for every formal occasion. There are a couple of things you need to know to make an educated purchase. The first is that there are two popular tuxedo shoe coverings, Patent leather and PVC. Visually you can't tell the difference however real Patent leather tuxedo shoes breath and are far more comfortable. This is partially due to most Patent tux shoes having 100% leather construction, while PVC is made of all plastic and artificial materials. Either way they'll look great, it's simply a matter of preference. I recommend Patent!

The second thing you might consider is incredibly important. If you are wearing a tuxedo with satin lapels and the trousers have a vertical satin stripe on the side, you absolutely must wear tuxedo shoes that have a shine to them. The satin lapel, stripe and shiny shoe compliment and complete one another so it is required to look correct. On the other hand if the lapel and stripe are grosgrain or have a matte finish (not shiny) then a matte finish tuxedo shoe will work fine. Please see the options below and select them to learn more about them.

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