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Faux Patent Tuxedo Shoes

The most durable formal shoes are faux patent tuxedo shoes. These shoes are made of synthetic man-made materials such as PVC (poly vinyl chloride), have a very large assortment of available styles and colors and are the lowest price tuxedo shoes available.

When it comes to comfort, finding a comfortable shoes is important, especially in a tuxedo shoe. Faux patent tuxedo shoes achieve a pleasant balance of price and comfort. It wasn't long ago that tux shoes had been the most uncomfortable shoes for a man, largely due to rental shops acquiring the lowest cost (thus lowest comfortable) shoes, but with advances in design and technology, the faux patent shoe is now almost as comfortable as its all leather version for at least half the price.

One might wonder if a shoe costs half as much as its genuine patent leather version, is it a quality shoe? The short answer is yes! The faux patent tux shoe is used primarily in the rental and service industries. This means that they need to be extremely durable. There is so much competition between brands, the largest factor is no longer price, it's quality. This is why you'll typically find that faux patent tuxedo shoes can last you a lifetime. 

There are more styles and options with faux patent tuxedo shoes than any other formal shoe covering. The synthetic materials used to manufacture the shoes are much less expensive to color and form, thus the options are incredible. You'll find rounded toe, rounded square toe and square toe tuxedo shoes being just the beginning in styles. You can get alligator skin, multi-colors, unique patterns, faille coverings, grosgrain coverings and so much more. Typically you'll find anything your looking for and more.

Faux patent tuxedo shoe prices range from $29.95 to $75 depending on the style, color and the brand your looking for. We suggest that you purchase tuxedo shoes for no less than $45. This is largely due to that less expensive styles can be old, seconds (defective) or old versions of shoes that are less comfortable. Be wise and spend the extra few dollars and your feet will be much happier.


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