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Designer Tuxedo Shoes

The best in formal footwear is represented by designer tuxedo shoes. Not only do you the biggest names in the industry right on your shoe, you get a high grade product that will last you through the years. The differences are in the details and when a designer puts their name on a shoe, it's because it meets the standard of their name. You are guaranteed that the quality, style and craftsmanship are of the highest caliber.

Designer Shoe Styles
Designer tuxedo shoes can either be conservatively styled or made for fashion forward shoppers. The conservative tuxedo shoes are generally styles that the majority of people associate with formal footwear. These styles include the traditional rounded toe, square toe and rounded square toe tuxedo shoes. Fashion forward styles typically include a modified version of a traditional tux shoe. The modifications include the addition of suede, grosgrain, colors and other visual enhancements.

Designer Colors
Black is the most popular color for designer tuxedo shoes. You may also find designer tuxedo shoes in black, white, ivory and grey / gray. Black is highly available while other color options are more of a challenge to find.

Designer Names
So who makes designer tuxedo shoes? It all depends on who's interested in making formal wear. Perry Ellis, After Six, Frederico Leone and  Andrew Fezza are the most involved in designer formal footwear which means that you'll have no trouble finding a tuxedo shoe with their name on it. Other top designers phase themselves in and out of the formalwear market depending on what is on their global agenda. This is why one week you can find a tuxedo shoe by whomever and then it's gone. We recommend the companies we mentioned because they have a solid understanding of formal wear shoes and they are constantly evolving.

The quality of designer tuxedo shoes must live up to the name that is on them. There isn't a designer in the world that wants a sub-par product with their name on the box. This is why it's a very safe bet for the consumer to purchase designer label tuxedo shoes. Typically the materials, craftsmanship and manufacturing of all designer formal shoes are of the highest grade. We not only recommend designer names, we wear them ourselves.

Any product with a premium name come with a premium price. Though in formal wear, it's not that much. Typically you'll find designer tuxedo shoes from $75 to $150 at online tuxedo shops.


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